Apple Day

Apple Day is officially 21st October, but throughout the month apples and orchards are celebrated as part of a country-wide event.

The Hertfordshire Orchard Initiative is a voluntary group that promotes orchard conservation and coordinates Apple Day events throughout Hertfordshire.

So take your pick – go along and smell, taste, buy and celebrate all things apple!

By kind permission of Stephen Kitchener

About the organiser

Tring’s Own Apple Fayre organiser Martin Hicks lives at Dunsley Bungalow, Jeacock’s Orchard in Tring.

The bungalow, a hidden slice of Tring’s past, was offered to a Mr Jeacock in 1920 as part of the ‘Homes Fit For Heroes’ movement of housing regeneration after World War I. Little is known about Mr Jeacock other than he fought in the Great War but didn’t like to talk about it and had an enthusiasm for apple trees. It sits on a two acre plot of land taken from Dunsley Farm which was bought from the Rothschild estate in 1919 by the County Council and is managed in the original manner as a smallholding with orchard and livestock.

Each year Martin picks and presses apples including Annie Elizabeth and Warners King into sharp, strongly smelling apple juices.

The orchard contains several species of English wildflower, some nationally scarce. English Heritage have said that the site has "a wide ecological diversity".

Tring’s Own Apple Fayre

Jeacock’s Orchard, Cow Lane, Tring, Hertfordshire
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